Friday, April 5, 2013

2200mah battery for Jiayu G2

Hi all,
today I want to inform you about the possibility to extend the Jiayu G2 uptime with a battery upgrade.

We can indeed replace the stock 2050mah battery with a more capable 2200mah battery, coming from the stock set of the Jiayu G2S.

Even though the two mobile phones are different, the 2200mah battery used by the G2S is compatible with the G2 phone.

I've tried the 2200mah battery on my Jiayu G2 for 3 days now and I can tell you that there is an increment of 4-5 hours approximately.

I've also asked for a discount to the BangGood manager for those batteries, getting a 5% coupon on their shop.

Below you have the information:

Jiayu G2 2200mah Battery (
BangGood price: 17,66$ shipment included (China/HK/Singapore post)
5% discount Coupon: 3c0818
Final price: 16,78$
PayPal payment: Yes

Note. I remind you that if you register to the BangGood web page with my referral, you will receive a 10$ coupon to use on every purchase greater than 100$. 
To do it, just press HERE and you will be taken to the BangGood webpage. Once there, you have to click on "Register" in the upper part of the screen. 


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