Thursday, April 4, 2013

Instant SAMBA server - Play/Share files between home PC and Jiayu mobile phone

Hi all,
after the Easter break here we are with another useful info to play multimedia content or share any other file between your home computer and the Jiayu phone (actually this will work with any Android phone).

Usually this operation is done by using cifs modules to build a SAMBA server with the PC (Windows or other system based, it's the same).
Since the Jiayu  Jelly Bean 4.1.2 rom doesn't have any cifs module installed and it seems impossible to find a suitable set to use with it, the best workaround I found is named File Explorer.

It's basically an app that will do the dirty work with its own integrated cifs modules. Great!

Before starting, be aware that to have it working your devices must be on the same network!

The steps to have everything up and working are the following (this guide will refer to a Windows installation):

1) Start your home PC and select the folder you want to share with the mobile phone (it can be any folder).

2) Once you have chosen, right click on it and select Properties

3) Now go to the Share tab and click on Share

4) If you have a password to access Windows, just press the Share button. If you don't have any password already set, you will be prompted to set a password. Just do it and then repeat this point.

5) Write down the path of your shared folder (e.g. D:\My files\Multimedia)

5) The PC part is done. Now let's set up the mobile phone 

6) Download the File Explorer app from the Play Store:

It's a shareware app and to have the cifs modules you also have to buy a plugin. If you want to pay for it go and do it. If not, google is your friend for a cheaper (read "free") version of it.

7) Install the app and open it

8) Scroll down until you find the Network option and select it

9) Now you have to create a new connection. Select the new connection option and enter the shared folder path you wrote before

10) Leave the rest as it is apart the username and password (you have to enter your computer credentials)

11) Once done save it and you will see the connection you just created in the list

12) To access the files on your computer, just tap on the connection and enter the password

13) Now you can manage the files on your PC freely 

A SAMBA server example

Note. If you gave Read/Write privileges to your share folder while setting up your home PC, you will have also the ability to delete files, so be careful.


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