Sunday, April 7, 2013

Mod - Easily save battery and free memory on Jiayu G2

Hi all,
today I'll explain how to save an enormous amount of battery (30/40%) and free system memory on your Jiayu G2 (actually this is valid for every android phone).

You have to know that every time you open and close an app, sometimes the app stays unused in background, filling memory and wasting battery life (even when the screen is turned off).

Given that this happens pretty often on latest Android releases (from ICS onwards), then it's easily understandable the benefit that could be achieved avoiding this behavior.

Luckily there are a lot of apps allowing to fix this. My favorite is the Advanced Task Killer app.

You can download Advanced Task Killer from the Play Store:

The Advanced Task Killer app

It's free and pretty small.

Below you can find the few steps needed to have it configured at best:

1) Download the app

2) Start the app

3) Press the menu button on the phone

4) Select "Settings"

5) Activate "Autostart"

6) Scroll down, select "Autokill Level" and set it to "Crazy".

7) Select the "Auto Kill Frequency" and set it to "When screen off".
You will be informed that a phone reboot is needed to have this feature properly working.

8) Exit the app and restart the phone

9) Done. Now the app will run in background and terminate every unused not-system app everytime the screen is turned off (so the phone is in stand by).


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