Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Experience - Shipping time from China to Spain

Hi all,

as promised here you have a proof on how quick and easy is buying from China.

To give you a clearer idea of the various steps that take place after you pay the item, I'll elaborate this a bit more.

The entire process divides in two parts:

- Processing time

- Shipping

The processing time is entirely on the Chinese shop hands. This reflects the time the store takes to arrange the shipment of the item and its physical delivery to the post office.

The shipping time is obviously the time taken by the item to reach our eager hands from the Chinese post office to our country.

In the last years, especially 2012, the shipping time from China has dropped drastically, reaching delivery times almost unbelievable only 5 years ago. 

All this having clear in mind that you are receiving something from the other part of the world.

Below you have a couple of proofs of orders I made.

The first one is dated November 2012 (a Jiayu G2 mobile phone) and the second is an order I recently made on BangGood (a WLToys V959), both shipped by China post.

Destination was my place in Madrid, Spain. 
Numbers (and dates) speaks for themselves...

Note. If you want to check the tracking numbers by yourself, the right webpage is the Spanish post, formerly correos.


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