Sunday, March 31, 2013

Mod - Jiayu G2 (all models) camera fix

Hi all,
let's keep talking about the Jiayu G2 minor problems and their respective fixes.

Today we will try to fix the camera quality issue.

Honestly this is a very quick and easy fix, since the poor camera quality issue is due to the bad default app installed on the official Jiayu G2 firmware.

To solve this problem, download the Camera Zoom FX app from the Play Store:

It's not a free app, so if you want to buy it go for it, if not you can search a "free" version on google.

Once installed, execute it and set the quality values to the maximum (8Mpx). More, in every dark or with poor light condition, we have to use the "Night" option.

There are a lot of available settings in this app, so the best way to proceed is to try different combinations until the perfect configuration for each scenario is found.

By the way, the overall camera quality will be way better then before even only setting the two aforementioned options.

It is also possible to set the app Camera Zoom FX as the default camera app. In this way every time the camera feature is used by any app, the Camera Zoom FX application will be executed automatically.

The Camera Zoom FX app


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