Thursday, March 28, 2013

Review - Jiayu G2 Dual Core 1GB

Hi all,
some friends of mine read the blog and were pleasantly surprised by the mentioned phones, asking for a Jiayu G2 Dual Core 1GB mobile phone review.

This makes sense, since with the BangGood coupon I wrote about on the past post there is the possibility to buy it for a very attractive price.

The question you have in your mind is then : "is this phone worth my money?"

Direct reply is "hell yeah"!

The Jiayu G2 phone

It's a Dual Core phone with 1GB RAM and 4GB memory to store stuff, with a microSD slot to expand it up to 32GB.

The screen is a 4" Gorilla Glass, a type of screen impossible to scratch (I'll post a proof of this in one of the next articles).

It comes with Android ICS 4.0.4 pre-installed, but it's possible to update the Android version to Jelly Bean 4.1.2 in few easy steps (I made a guide for this too, I'm going to publish it with tomorrow's blog update).

More, the dual sim feature (both normal size sims) is another great plus of this phone together with the led notifications (saw on Samsung models).

For the rest, the bluetooth works ok as well as the wi-fi connection (even better than the one on the Iphone 4), the processor speed is great (scored 25/28 fps on Epic Citadel benchmark) and the screen brightness is also good.

The Epic Citadel benchmark

It seems than that we found the best 4" Dual Core phone on the market... well, maybe it is so, but even this phone is not exempt from some minor problems.

The first one regards the camera.

This model is commercialized with a 8Mpx rear camera and a 0,2 front camera.
The front camera has the same quality as the Iphone 4 (bad), but nobody ever uses it.
Focusing on the rear camera, we have to say that this camera doesn't seem to be a real  8Mpx. I would say it's rather more a 5Mpx.
The photo quality is decent with the stock camera app, but turns to very good using external apps (I'll post on this too, don't worry).
The flash led is really weak, not even comparable to the Iphone 4 one.
For this reason, the photos taken without enough light are not of good quality.

The second aspect where this phone scores not so good performances is the GPS.

The GPS takes ages (literally) to fix the satellites and is most likely losing the signal here and there.
Luckily there is a fix for this, that consists in using a couple of external app to modify the phone registry and obtain a 6/8 seconds instant fix (yes, this will be matter of one of the next articles, you are getting used to this, aren't you?).

A Jiayu G2 2200mah battery

The third and last aspect of this phone that didn't fully convince me is the battery duration.
Using the phone 8/10 times each hour (checking mail, facebook, whatsapp, surfing the web and playing some random game), the battery will last one and half day (maybe a couple of hours more).
I know that this is more or less the standard duration of the android smartphones, but a 2050mah battery is expected to reach the two days, at least in my opinion.
Anyway there is already on the market a 2200mah capacity battery that can be purchased for the Jiayu G2 to extend the phone uptime.
I've already ordered it from BangGood and once I get the battery I'll write the results of the test on the blog.

As you can see, apart the weak led and poor photos quality in dark condition bad points, all the rest is great and/or fixable by software update.

All in all I can say that the Jiayu G2 Dual Core 1GB mobile phone is a great choice (if not the best choice) for everyone who wants a very solid phone with excellent features, with a great and not so big 4" Gorilla Glass screen and will not bother too much for the couple of defects we pointed out.




  1. hey can you pls tell me is this same phone or not?

    does it have 512 or 1024? mb

    1. Are you serious?

      It's written on the link, on the item title and on the item description that is a 512MB model...

      Why should it be the 1GB version?